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We empower HR leaders to maximize their success while minimizing their involvement when outsourcing HR. Making it easier than ever to access and manage all their possibilities.


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Simplify your HR toolkit with Loghrin Group

As a Human Resources leader, you are responsible for everyone else’s morale, performance, and job satisfaction in a rapidly changing workplace. But who looks after you?


We launched Loghrin Group to support you by helping you find and manage the specialized project-based HR solutions you need. In an area that has been reactive, overlooked, and underappreciated for far too long, we’ll help you gain control and reach a more proactive state.


As Strategic HR Specialists, we complement established HR teams within medium and large organizations that have been in business for many years. While we can provide HR consultants who perform generalist tasks for smaller or newer organizations, the core of what we offer is a group of senior specialists and subject matter experts who are more difficult to source. We are here to help your in-house HR professionals access and manage the best HR solutions available to do their jobs more effectively—and efficiently.


There are many organizations that can offer tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. But sifting through them takes too much of your precious time. Loghrin Group simplifies things by bringing the market to you in a whole new way. We work with several prominent HR Solution Partners to identify and address your unique challenges, and achieve your desired outcomes, across the entire employee lifecycle. We provide access to multiple solutions via a single point of contact, giving you back precious time to focus on all the other things that need your attention.


Choose Loghrin Group as a partner who understands your unique HR landscape. We will recommend the best options and are always there to help you stay in control. It’s that simple.


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Loghrin Group brings multiple project-based HR solutions to you, in one place. We maintain an active and current network of leading HR specialists and solution providers, so you don’t have to.

With Loghrin Group, you benefit from accessing a powerful ecosystem of HR Solution Partners with expertise across the employee lifecycle, such as:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Internal & External HR Communications
  • Compensation
  • HR Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Accessibility
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Leadership & Team Development & Coaching
  • Workload Assessment
  • Employer Branding
  • ‘Hands-On’ HR
  • HRIS Professional Services
  • Executive & Professional Recruitment

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We help you save your most precious resource: Time

While there are organizations that can help HR leaders like you achieve your vision for your future state, Loghrin Group has created a more efficient way of getting you there. We provide a unique and comprehensive layer of support, effectively saving you hours that you can put back into your busy day.


You are at the centre of everything we do. Our dedicated relationship management model means that you can make the most of all the best HR solutions available, via a single point of contact. Our sole responsibility is to ensure all your expectations are met, or exceeded, and that you have the support you need to excel at your job. We are independent Strategic HR Specialists, which means there’s a high degree of flexibility to match you with the best Solution Partner for your unique needs.


We are an all-inclusive solutions provider to most, if not all, your HR needs. As your HR needs evolve, so will our services to provide answers for our clients. Loghrin Group has HR experts in place covering the majority of the functional areas of HR that span the employee lifecycle. Consider the benefit of turning to one organization to provide strategic advice in so many areas.

Expertise across the entire employee lifecycle

Loghrin Group builds on our founder’s successful relationships developed over years of experience in HR and professional services. We carefully vet all partners to ensure that their values are aligned well with ours, that they bring a high level of subject matter expertise in their core areas, and that they conduct themselves in a highly professional manner.

Options and flexibility for uncertain times

Since the road ahead is so uncertain, it’s important for HR leaders to be aware of all their options, including new ways of tackling new or existing issues. In addition to providing a suite of tried-and-true HR solutions, Loghrin Group scours the market for the best new solutions to ensure we have the answers to address your pain points.


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I’m Greg Loghrin, founder of Loghrin Group. I’ve been building successful relationships with partners and clients for more than 25 years. And for most of that time, optimizing human resources has been my passion and my speciality.


Following a lengthy engagement at a large global recruitment firm, followed by five years at a Canadian professional services firm, I founded Loghrin Group in 2020 to address what I saw as an opportunity to provide HR leaders with a greater level of support. They told me there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep on top of the latest solutions when they’re already slammed with the demands of managing HR in a rapidly evolving workplace


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Loghrin Group exists to act as an extension of our clients’ HR leadership. We acknowledge how exhausting it can be for HR professionals to care for the concerns of so many others. We are here to improve their performance, and reduce their stress, by enabling them to choose the best HR solutions more easily and more certainly.

We operate with a strong set of guiding principles, including:

Client-CentricAchieving client success with every initiative, by putting our clients at the forefront of all we do, is our singular goal. Loghrin Group will respect all client-established processes and priorities and will align with their pace.


Transparency – We encourage trust through transparency. Establishing a safe place for all to speak openly is fundamental to all our client and partner relationships. The success of any collaboration hinges on feeling comfortable to voice diverse perspectives.


Forward-ThinkingWe know that the evolving demands of HR often result in leaders feeling trapped in a reactive state. We help them look beyond the immediate by providing the best advice for long-term and lasting success.


We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals, for both your professional growth and for your entire organization’s best outcomes.


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When you work with Loghrin Group, you are working with dynamic HR Solution Partners that are both established and up-and-coming. What our partners all have in common is that they have all earned trusted relationships with us, and they share our values of being client-centric, transparent and forward-thinking so together we can comprehensively address your total HR needs.

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When you work with Loghrin Group, you are also working with dynamic HR solution providers — both established and up-and-coming. What our partners all have in common is that they are all established and trusted relationships with us, and they share our values of being client-centric and transparent, and comprehensively addressing your total HR needs in a complementary way.

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Do you want to learn more about how Loghrin Group puts additional hours back in your day while learning about the different solutions on the market? Let’s get started!

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